He stands on the edge of the cliff thinking of her. He enjoys the view and the dream. She is a remarkable imagination that makes him successful. She is his survival. Exciting feeling at the edge of senses for our hero. Its authentic, warm and revolutionary for him. It isContinue Reading

You thought that the astronauts and the workers at NASA saw a rock formed as a human face at the surface of Mars. But it was a beautiful woman instead. She waits for her new host. For the astonishing astronaut that will visit her dimension. A sensational discovery that isContinue Reading

Wozita is here to give you art without boundaries. The site is all about moving art forward where social media censor it. There is No Censorship on Wozita unless it is very extreme. This is the platform that will grow and grow. It will never stop and Wozita will makeContinue Reading