Since the launch of the Amiga home computer. It’s been a creative platform where individual demoscene groups have taken what is possible on an Amiga further and further. This Amiga demo is a remarkable demo from 1997 that came 1st at The Gathering 1997 which was held in Hamar, Norway. It is today a classic from TBL aka The Black Lotus with some of the most iconic pixel art ever made.

Louie500 is the person behind the art in this demo. His name is official on which reveals that his name is Kenny Magnusson. Radix is behind the music which is Jacob in real life. These made this demo to something really unique that still stands today as one of the best Amiga demoscene productions ever.

Angel is an iconic pixel drawn image from Captured Dreams demo by TBL

The amazing nude lady in this demo blew everyone’s minds when it was seen. It is not photography but it is pixeled pixel by pixel which makes this unique picture even more unique. Also, including having this remarkable lady in this demo. The total feel of the demo is outstanding I think. The art overall is over the top and the music that it makes Paula give out to everyone watching this demo is just incredible.

The details on her are just breathtaking. Here Louie500 used Deluxe Paint to pixel everything. Just look at her body, hair, eyes, angel wings, the clouds in the background and the breasts. It is a hot one and I consider this as one of the finest art images ever created on any platform. This is pure dedication to the gifts that you were given when you were born. Louie500 did a remarkable job. Even the details on her bra are fantastic.

Amiga 3D demo that just works on Amiga with 68030 CPU and AGA

Captured Dreams is an Amiga demo that appeared at the era of the almighty Amiga 1200 from Commodore and ESCOM with lots of 68030 50MHz accelerator cards that were sold by several 3rd party companies. A MUST to have at that point since most of Amiga software at that time was actually made for 68030 and up! It seems like Amiga demoscene coders have nowadays lost that 68030 optimizing spirit it seems. Today it is either OCS demos or heavy 68060 demos in production. Why?

Well, I really hope that maybe 68030 Amiga demos will be a thing to make demos for again. I loved the Amiga demos at this time. Also, people didn’t get offended by naked bodies as much as today. At some point, I really hope to see a new 68030 demo getting released.

To run Captured Dreams on your Amiga with AGA. You need a 68030 or higher. From the moment that this picture above starts to move, this demo shows its uniqueness. The initial picture zoom, tunnel effect, and tv 3d scene are fabulous. The water effect is the best I’ve ever seen in a demo. So I really recommend this demo to all. A must-see. I even need to reveal that .. omgl’ A! I remember watching this demo at The Gathering 1997.

All of the demo presentations at The Gathering before 2000 were the best experiences ever. It was a great moment in life! Although because of the Angel picture by Louie it is the only reason why this demo is not so known. People don’t see it as art. I do though! She is painted. It is not a picture. It is Louie500 art and that should be respected. You go to a place that showing art. There are tons of naked painting portraits. Art is not only something that is on paper. It is what you do with your hands and your mind when you create something. Angel image is part of this demo and I see nothing wrong by showing art. Everyone should embrace it I think.

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