In 1995, Dance 2 Trance released their album Revival. It was never going to be as huge as their humongous Power of American Natives song which is very sad as this album is quality from start to end. I finally found it on YouTube and had to share it.

A serious trance song from Dance 2 Trance

Neil’s Aurora got released in 1995 on the Revival album and it really feels like a very serious trance song that many should listen in these times. It is a Dance 2 Trance song that gives lots of healing from these Wuhan virus crisis times.

I really feel that this type of song is perfect for the times now. It might not have been as important back in 1995. But today it seems like this song is made for these times as it heals every soul I feel with the mood of the song. It is a fantastic progression in the song during its 7:46 length. Fantastic.

Fantastic Experimental Trance

What Dance 2 Trance did with their Revival album from 1995 is absolutely brilliant. The first 5 tracks are the finest classic trance, and the last 5 on the same album is Trip Hop/Experimental kind of stuff. This is a remarkable experimental album that I just need to shout out is a GREAT CD! Please buy the CD as this stuff is best to listen to on a real HiFi system.

Dance 2 Trance is a duo. They met in 1990 and decided to work together; their first release was in the same year with a promo named “Dance 2 Trance”. Their names are Dag Lerner and Rolf Ellmer.

In 1995 after the release of Revival, they decided to go their separate ways, with DJ Dag going solo and Ellmer concentrating more on his other project, Jam & Spoon which you can check out below here which is also fantastic.

Jam and Spoon with Follow Me got 2,052,325 views since 21st of May 2007 on YouTube. With the knowledge that Dance 2 Trance was Ellmer’s project before was unknown to me it I am a bit amazed. You learn more and more each day for sure, which is a good statement.

Dance 2 Trance was one of the bands that made me fly during my years as a teenager. I loved it and I still do and I hope that I inspired someone out there today.

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