With all the negativity in the world today. It is a time for relaxing at home and listen to awesome music that can take you away to another dimension. INNA is such an artist that sings and looks remarkably good in every setting that she is in. Inna with Heaven is fantastic!

This song is a master at giving the right summer feeling. It is not dull. It is a song that you can love from whatever place yours from. It is sexy, fantastic, good-vibe and very attractive in every way.

INNA was born in 1986

Her real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu. She is born in Mangalia in Romania. She got raised in Naptun city though. Elena aka Inna was heard singing. When Inna worked in an office, her manager heard her singing and contacted the production team Play & Win with whom she recorded several songs. She started her career in 2008 and is still going on today. She took her education at Ovidius University in Romania.

A fantastic woman that is not tall, but looks amazing in every shot of her. A beauty from Romania that no one should forget. Inna is a diverse artist using not only English when she sings which you can notice in this song.

Woman with higher morals

In the late November 2011, Elena joined the anti-domestic violence campaign Durerea nu este iubire (Pain is Not Love). From this point, she started showing that she cares more than just being sexy. Elena entered this campaign about empowering women to stand up to abuse and signed a petition asking the Romanian government to strengthen a domestic-violence law.

Then in 2012, she became an activist for children’s rights in Romania, where she endorsed the 2012 UNICEF. It was a No More Invisible Children campaign. So she is a really active artist showing that she is a woman with way more sense.

Inna artist then began the Bring the Sun Into My Life campaign to increase public awareness of violence against women. She is a fantastic influencer. She is a woman that I respect so much. Not only does she make fantastic music. But she also delivers knowledge to women all over the world.

Inna also participated in Cartoon Network Romania’s anti-bullying CN Clubul Prieteniei (CN Friendship Club) in 2016 and recorded a new opening theme for the Romanian-language version of The Powerpuff Girls. In 2016, she and other Romanian celebrities signed an open letter supporting the LGBT community in response to a Romanian Orthodox Church-backed action to amend the constitutional definition of a family.

INNA is a fantastic artist that does more than music and that’s showing her personality more than many other artists out there.

Bringing Cultures Together

Including singing in English and French. You can even her sing in Arabic in this tune above. Inna with Yalla is so sexy it sets a standard for what singers and artists from the Arabic world could do.

Inna was called “one of Romania’s biggest exports” by The Guardian, based on her sales and popularity. She is really a celebrity all over the world. She is loved everywhere and that’s something you can see on her YouTube view numbers too.

Elena has also received a number of awards and nominations as being an Inna artist that includes 5 Balkan Music Awards, a European Border Breakers Award, and even 3 MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Romanian Act and a whopping 13 Romanian Music Awards. Inna’s income in 2016 was estimated at 8,000,000 (approximately $9.3 million US). That’s how much she is worth, and by March 2016 she had sold 4 million copies of her first 3 studio albums. 

In 2015, Antena 3 reported that Inna was Romania’s best-selling artist abroad. What an artist she is. Beauty, sexy, smart and intelligent. Inna will always stay in our hearts.

Let’s embrace artists that are smart. Inna is one that we will follow a lot.

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