If there is a true angel within the musical history it must be Sandra which never gives up. A lady that any teenager loved.

Innocent adoration regarding Sandra

My adoration for this type of woman is actually a rather innocent one if I am allowed to judge myself. I will be more than happy to outline my criteria that define my own judgment because it’s not righteous to be one’s, own judge. But, I think I will let my results speak for themselves. Sandra is one of a kind. She is an angel-like all her life. Yes. Even today when she is much older her body is really looking good.

The most beautiful woman in the world, for most exotic beauty, goes to Sandra Ann Lauer. I cannot get her hair and body out my head from all of the concerts and music videos of her that I have seen. Of course, she’s in Europe following the Wuhan flu crisis and she doesn’t have time to set up an appointment with anyone regarding concerts. But when someone can be that gorgeous even under those circumstances, that’s what drives me wild.

Forget the fact that I’ve been in love with her since I first saw her in Maria Magdalena’s song on Sky Channel and I’ve followed her career throughout some of my most favorite tunes such as In The Heat Of The NightInnocent Water, and Heaven Can Wait.

Sandra is one of worlds most beautiful woman

Sandra Ann Lauer steals away with the most beautiful woman in the world for most exotic beauty. She’s been my angel and I am sure that millions of other men and women got the same thoughts. She changed my mind about women. She is a beauty that should be kept at everyone’s hearts that loves her beauty and music.

Wozita will follow this angel that never gets old. Her voice either back in the day or now is as good. Stay in Touch follows her spirit very well. This song is from 2012 where her beauty and voice are still as good as back in 1985 when Maria Magdalena was released.

She is the most beautiful and interesting disco queen forever. We will follow up on this for sure.

What sort of queen of disco made your heart pumping back in the days?

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