In 2007. The Black Lotus released this demo which is quite controversial. You might even get some warnings before seeing it on YouTube, but it is just a demo with lots of art. The topic of the demo is a bit harsh but when you see it all as art and music your mind will accept it. It is actually one of the best TBL demos that is not out for the Amiga platform I think.

Fantastic music in Suicide Barbie by The Black Lotus

The music in this production is very good. I love it so much. It got fantastic art by Louie500. Erique is behind the coding and Elusive behind the music which is in my mind higher ranked than the rest of the demo from start to end from a personal perspective.

Suicide Barbie beginning part of the demo is the most striking part. Its 3D is stunning. Then the end credits come. It is good visually amazing but without the music its a bit too long. Thanks for the music at this part!!! Suicide Barbie is a really big gem that should make anyone with a bricked Sony PSP very happy. The overall quality here is so good. Yes! Even the ending part is really long but the music keeps you hooked to the demo. I’ve never loved a rolling ending text part this much on any other demo productions for sure.

You could say that this demo consists of two parts and both of them are just fantastic. The power of Sony PSP is used and so it shows. Lots of 3D scenes and really stunning tones strike out of the Sony PSP speakers when playing this one. I just don’t get why Sony abandoned this awesome portable console. Sony’s PSP Vita tried to revive it but without luck. Sony has just let Nintendo win and that’s a bit sad.

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