Louie500 is amazing with his artwork. Azazel is a fantastic musician and the rest of TBL that have created this unique masterpiece. It was ranked 3rd at Assembly in Finland 1996. But the music in this demo sticks to my mind even today. It’s not as famous as Tint or Captured Dream, but still, it’s a really good prod and I absolutely love it. These Amiga demo gems are extraordinary and they last forever. The design and complete work of art on the Amiga platform are just outstanding.

Give Goa by TBL the time it needs to Build itself up!

It takes time for this demo to build itself up. I just love the progress of it. Its pure adrenaline at the end too. This Amiga demo works on AGA and 68030 or better. Tested it on my Amiga 1200 68060 and it works nicely there. All you really need to do is pump up the volume, start the demo and let your mind become part of this demo. It is absolutely insane good and it is one of the best tracks ever made in the history of Amiga demoscene making.

There are many other demos that are fantastic, but I never thought that this sort of genre would hit my mind and never leave. I love Eurodance, Synthesizer, Techno and other electronic type of genres but Goa was a genre that was too heavy for me. But this demo taught me to love Goa too and I thank TBL a lot for that.

TBL aka The Black Lotus is one of the gems of Amiga world. From Sweden, they come with love for Amiga that I cover a lot at Amitopia Amiga Magazine site. This demo shows that they really appreciate this platform. It deserved to be ranked much higher at Assembly I think but done is done. The artwork in this demo must be shared I think or it will be lost. I want to preserve all kinds of fantastic Amiga art here.

Wozita is the rebel version of Amitopia and Distrita. Here you get to know everyone and anyone no matter what they have done. No censorship. Its vital to share any sort of content I feel.

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