In 1996. This Amiga AGA 68030 demo won at The Gathering 1996. It was totally awesome and when it was done I remember that almost the entire hall was clapping. This is one of the most unique gems in Amiga demoscene history but for some reason.

Because of two nude art paintings, it’s not mentioned so much around as much in any media around. So, I wanted to dedicate this article to my absolute favorite Amiga demo of all time. Great art needs to be shared.

Amiga AGA Demo that is Perfect

For me, Tint by TBL got no flaws. This is the most perfect Amiga demo ever made. From beginning to start it makes you stay. The graphics, transactions and all of the music tracks make it so fantastic to watch. TBL Tint is the Amiga demo that made me realize in 1996 despite most of my friends switching and preaching the Windows PC capabilities being the coolest home computer to have and I never stopped.

Fantastic sexy art by Rodney in TBL Tint Amiga demo

When the demo starts up it is trigging with you. Then the music becomes quite funky and a booby lady shows for a few seconds. Another track starts playing. This time its more synthesizer dance alike music that continues building itself up. In this part, you see one of the most lovely 3D cubes ever made I think. And whats happens next is the coolest transaction ever made.

TBL Tint 3D tunnel Sequence is pure Eurodance Adrenaline Rush

I am a person that loves Eurodance and once the second track is done. Then this Amiga demo evolves like no other demo I’ve seen with one of the coolest transactions I’ve seen in any demo ever even today that turns into a spinning eyeball sequence!!! The Eurodance alike music builds up more and more to this point. I really love the progression here and when the 3D tunnel suddenly starts its the most fantastic experience I’ve seen ever.

The rest of the demo is awesome, but that’s for you to watch. I don’t want to spoil it all. Just that the track at the end is a pure Eurodance mod track with a singing lady in it. The demo just nails it at every point.

Pixel by pixel creation by Danny for this remarkable Amiga demo

AGA Amiga demo created for 68030

This is a hardcoded 68030 3D AGA Amiga demo. It means it runs best on a 68030 50MHz AGA Amiga such as Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or even a Amiga CD32 with Expansion.

On 68040 and up the original party version will hang as that CPU is too fast for some of the routines in it. But on Aminet you also find a 68040 patch for the demo that also works fine on 68060. But it is recommended to run it on a 68030 Amiga to get the best experience.

I also suggest you connect the Amiga to a great HiFi system so you really get to know what the lovely Amiga Paula sound chip can achieve. It is remarkable.

Art work in TBL Tint for Amiga is one of many reasons that it ranked 1st on The Gathering 1996 I think

TBL Tint was stunning back in 1996 but it is still great to watch now in 2020. I will never get tired of this Amiga demo that won at The Gathering 1996. It stays in my mind forever as one of the best Amiga demoscene productions ever. I really mean that from the bottom of my heart. No other demo moved me like this one. It is a unique gem that is worthy of you to know.

The feel to Amiga demos in 1996 was a Lot better than Today

No offense to any demoscene makers out there. But in 1996 there were no hug other demoscene group sections in most of the demos and I liked that concept more. Same in this TBL Tint and that made this Amiga demo a much better experience for me.

I really love that all of the credits are focused at the end of this demo. That they come last with really cool music making it interesting to read it all. A demo for me is an art production by demoscene groups to show their beautiful skills that the team got in coding, pixel art, and music.

Is this a picture? No. It is painted pixel by pixel on Amiga. Perfection!

No credit hugs during the Amiga Demo

I don’t get offended or think anything bad of a demo if it does gives credit hugs to other demoscene groups. I just feel that the demos gave more quality this way. Rise by Mellowchips and Relic by Nerve Axis is two other remarkable Amiga demo creations from the very same era that also focused on showing unique content. Relic is especially since it is like a demoscene production telling an interesting story.

In the end, I just want to send a humongous big thanks all that made TBL Tint possible. It is also the very first Amiga demo to use 18bit chunky to planar display. Louie500, Danny, Rodney, Facet and all of the remarkable people creating this demo did a fantastic job. This Amiga demo will always have a place in my heart and I wish to see more 68030 AGA Amiga demos in the future.

Amiga Demoscene maker TBL knows what Remarkable art is

Get TBL Tint for your AGA Amiga

TBL Tint changed my love for the Amiga forever since 1996! This production by TBL made me love Amiga more and Never give up, never surrender! It actually made me start up Amitopia Amiga Magazine as a paper magazine for Norwegian Amiga users back in 1998.

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