Pop tune by Tess that doesn’t disapoint

On the 13th of February 1978, Tess Mattison was born. She was born in SolnaStockholmSweden according to Wikipedia.

Tess is now one year older than me and I’ve loved all of the songs that she had released. What an angel she is. Her voice is what I love the most about her and her looks. She is perfect for me and I am happy to share my love for her and the music that she has made which have inspired me all of my life.

La Cream and Tess is the Same

Tess Mattison worked as a dancer and back-up singer for Rob’n’RazDr. AlbanBasic Element and Drömhus. Before pursuing a solo career, she and DJ/producer Andréz formed the Eurodance duo La Cream. Later she only named herself Tess. Her popularity grew high in Scandinavia, but outside of Norway, Sweden and Denmark she didn’t have the same impact.

She has also studied French for three years and that can be heard in many of her songs where she actually changes between English and French singing which is so hot I think.

More popular in Norway than in Sweden

It is worthy to mention that her artist career became a lot more popular in Norway than Sweden for some reason? The official data for You, Good Bye and Justify My Love is clear on that:

1998You” (as La Cream)123
A fantastic Eurodance tune that is magic all the way from start to end! In Norway this song hit the 3rd place on the chart lists of the country in 1998 and thats pretty strong for a Eurodance group at that time!
Tess Mattison is hot in this music video!

You can notice her change between French and English in this song. Tess is one of the artists that have made me loving both French and English language singing in one song. I played this song a lot back in 1998.

1999Say Goodbye” (as La Cream)219
Another tune from La Cream where Tess just outperformed her popularity in Norway compared to in her home country Sweden. In 1999 I danced a lot to this tune.
Ice and a beautiful woman singing. Say Goodbye is my favourite!

Tess Mattison didn’t disappoint in this song either. Her voice is fantastic. This is a woman that I love and will never forget. A reason for Muuuzic Eurodance Site. And if you want to talk about Eurodance content. I suggest all of you check out the Eurodance Forever group on Facebook too.

Say Goodbye is one of my La Cream hits that I love the most. It never gets old and makes my mind stay young. Just listen and you might even think or have the same feeling too?

2000“Justify My Love”184
A very popular tune by Tess in Norway compared to in Sweden. When Tess Mattison visited The Gathering which is one of worlds biggest lan parties. I was sold. One of the hottest artists in Scandinavia for sure.
The tiger and Tess. What a cute combination! Love!

This is a strong song from La Cream. But after this one she started to change style. Still some Eurodance elements but not in the same way. It is good but You and Say Goodbye are better songs.

Sexy image from Tess

Escaping from the prison song! Good one. Love it.

Free by La Cream is one of the sexiest music videos by her and I wonder why it didn’t reach the charts in Norway? Only in Sweden? I think I have to dig a bit more for revealing that info.

Tess Mattison was huge in Norway and everyone loved her music at that time. She is only one year older but my teenage eyes and my love for the Eurodance genre made me love La Cream and Tess a lot. She will always stay in my heart and now I also hope that she will stay in yours too.

Tess hot image is her image. I love such artists and her voice is perfect too!

Tess gave me a nice time! And I never get tired of her voice and music. I have posted this article on Wozita, since after La Cream she started a more pop alike type of music singing. Muuuzic is a pure Eurodance site. This one is not.

Nice lady with a wonderful voice!

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